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366                               LIFE  OF
the evening before until half-past one, on the badly
paved streets of Prague, with Metternich and Hum-
But when the great object for which so many dif-
ferent persons had met here had been achieved, the
difference between Metternich and Humboldt became
more apparent. It m*ay, probably., have been prudence
on the part of the latter not to make himself sus-
pected before- At the congress of Vienna, he was,
probably, often in their way, and it is certain that
Metternich and Gente did their utmost to obtain the
subsequent dismissal of William von Humboldt.
Gentz had not seen Humboldt for ten years, and
wrote to a friend at this period that all Ms awe for Hum-
boldt's superiority, all intimidation, had vanished, that
he was notMng now but an agreeable companion. He
does not seem to have understood why Humboldt did
not let Mm feel Ms superiority, when it would have so
much injured the purpose he came to effect. In 1814
"this superiority was again very evident, and although
Humboldt cultivated his acquaintance, nor deserted
the friend when he had grown old, still an intimate
friendship between them was impossible after 1813.
In Vienna Humboldt was again united to his wife
and children. Madame von Humboldt left Rome in
the autumn of 1810. The residence on this side
of the Alps did not seem to please her so much, nor
could her health bear the climate of Vienna. If we
add to this her longing rfor the beloved Rome, we
need not wonder that she never felt at home in
Humboldt's house was in Vienna, as it had been in
Home, thrown open with the most liberal hospitality.,
and again the Mghest in the social and intellectxial
world crowded Madame von Humboldfs saloona
Among the foreign diplomatists, the Danish ambas-
sador, Christian, Count Bem&torff, an amiable taleated
man, was a welcome guest, and: Humboldt remained
equally his friend when a posit was assigned to him
which, would have been with more justice bestowed